Thanks from your winner, Isabel

isabelwebb-wI have to start by giving a huge thank you to all of you students out there who got involved with this event. A big thank you too must go to your teachers, for sacrificing your usual science lessons to get involved.

I loved receiving your questions and coming up with my answers. Even a scientist like me, who has been studying science for over a decade (if you count school) found it tricky to answer some of your questions. I won’t lie when I say I had to check Google more than once! Often we were asked more controversial or thought-provoking questions that really made me think hard about how I would answer, as well as not being afraid to argue my point with some of the other scientists!

It was amazing to see how interested in science you all are. Many questions showed that you had really thought about how plants and biology can help us in real life, and hinted that we might have a few more future scientists out there who might go on to do big things in the science world! I loved seeing the students who had read about my work and wanted to know more. I’m glad it’s not just me that finds my area of biology fascinating.

A few other thanks are needed to. One definitely has to go to the other scientists in my zone. They may not have won, but they all did amazingly answering their questions; sometimes they knew far more about things than I did! The other thank you has to go to the organisers and moderators of the event; the people behind the scenes that really made I’m a Scientist possible.

So thank you everyone. And thanks for voting! I’m getting really excited trying to plan what to do with my winnings!

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